Tuesday, January 1, 2008


When i saw HALAAL written on school plastic lunch boxes - i had realised that companies just used the word 'hallal"as a marketing tool. something that would sell in the middle-eastern countries - and something the Muslims would buy. This just reflects the kind of ignorance there is present amongst the companies. They may spend billions in research on target markets - and in launching their products but they do not have enough sensibility to actually find out what the word halal actually means - and how important it is to the Muslims.

For now I'm just copy pasting this letter that was forwarded to me - next time you go grocery shopping - look twice when it says halal. At least if you have a choice of something marked halal from a non- Muslim country and a Muslim country - opt for the Muslim one. Its not a 100% guarantee - but it is a safer bet. For a 100% guarantee - note down numbers of the concerned companies and ask in detail about their slaughtering procedures, or email or write to the instead. From personal experience - they do reply back. Take the extra step.

A personal experience - i live in a Muslim country where all the fast food restaurants serve halal food -as advertised [no assumption] or so we think. I called pizza hut to order - as an after thought i just asked the guy "is the meat you use halal? My call was directed to the manager he simply goes to me - I'm a Muslim and wont lie to you - he told me clearly that the meat used in their pizzas is halal but some side dishes- I was specifically told which ones - are not halal. So do verify the next time. These chains keep changing their suppliers as well - so you need to keep yourself informed - i know its not possible all the time- but once in a while it wont hurt to ask.

His Excellency the High Commissioner
For Australia Suite 710, 50 O'Connor Street,
Ottawa, ON K1P 6L2
Canada Fax 613-236-4376

Your Excellency SIR,

I am among the many Muslims who preferentially purchase Australian meat products, stamped "Halaal". We were shocked that the "Halaal" mark was stamped on PORK, as you could see from the photograph below.

This incidence completely demolishes our trust in Australian meat products marked with HALAAL stamp. I am a freelance writer, whose articles are read in many parts of the world. I realize I have a responsibility to verify this matter with the concerned authorities before I warn fellow Muslims to avoid Australian meat products. I am also fully aware of the fact that the Australian government has been quite sensitive to the needs of its Muslim citizens, and that, in many Australian hospitals, menus do not contain pork or pork products. Muslims around the world are certainly very appreciative of such kind gestures. Since this incidence has been brought to my attention, I will have to write on this topic. However, if your Excellency would care to advise me what kind of remedial actions your government is prepared to undertake and guarantee its implementation to the fullest requirement, I will gladly mention that in my article, to avert the fears Muslims may have, as this may quite well be an isolated incidence.

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Yours truly Meer Sahib P.

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Sairah said...

0_0 OH MY GOODNESS! That is the most blatant- I really don't even know what to say!. =O


really disgusting. >.<

But I really appreciated the way you handled it, that was so professional- you called them out on their "bluff" but at the same time, commended them for their efforts thus far. Truly an excellent direction. =) Please let us know what happens.